Hearing assessment 

Our hearing specialist will guide you through the assessment to identify the nature and degree of the hearing loss for you and offer the best solution based on your unique hearing care needs.


Hearing aid

Hearing aids can vary in terms of size, price, features and the way they are placed in your ears. We will help you to choose the right hearing aid from trusty brands such as Phonak, Siemens, Starkey, Sonic, and Oticon.


Repair & maintenance

Noticed a difference in your hearing aid? Our repair & maintenance program includes inspection, cleaning, sanitizing, as well as replace or repair failing components. Come visit us or call us for more information. 


Custom Noise Plug

Each pair is customized to fit your unique ears, providing the perfect fit, superior comfort, and protection for long time. 

We offer Solid noise plug, Sleep-Eez(sleeping plug), and Musician plug to prevent hearing loss caused by noisy environments. 


For any hearing-aid related inquiry, contact us to:

(T) 905 - 597 -2299